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Welcome to the Rose of Anzio Blog

If you are feeling nostalgic.
If you would like to immerse yourself in a story that takes you back in time.
Back to a time when love transcended a world that was crumbling down.
And love was the only thing left when all hope was gone.
You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Rose of Anzio blog. This blog is dedicated to the Rose of Anzio series, a WWII epic love story about Tessa Graham, a strong-willed young woman who refuses to let the events of war dictate the course of her fate, and Anthony Ardley, an upright young man who must fight to hold on to faith as war slashes away at his moral core and takes away all hope.

I started writing Rose of Anzio a little over a year ago. The series comprises of four books, all of which are already written and completed.

Book One  ~ Moonlight
official release date January 22, 2016


Book Two ~ Jalousie
Available now on Amazon


Book Three ~ Desire
Available now on Amazon


Book Four ~ Remembrance
target release date October 2016


To give you further insights into what life was like for our characters, I will be sharing in this blog many fascinating historical facts and anecdotes about 1940s Chicago, where Book One – Moonlight takes place, and the American Army’s experience during the Battle of Anzio as well as the Allies’ campaign from Italy up to Southern France. The topics I will blog about will mainly be details, people, incidents, and events that provided the historical backdrop to parts of my story or inspired particular scenes. I will try to update by blog weekly. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts as well as the story itself.

From time to time, I will also share videos and photos on this blog or on my Author’s Facebook Page. You can also like my author’s Facebook Page and arrange your settings to receive notifications when I announce updates to my blog posts.

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If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me and drop me a note.

See you next time!

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