Chicago veterans community

The Chicago Veterans

It’s done! Rose of Anzio Book One ~Moonlight is now available on Amazon in both Kindle version and Paperback! I released this book on January 22. In time, you will all know the significance of that date. Some of you may have guessed it already.

One thing I want to do is to use this story to support charitable causes related this book. Book One takes place in 1940s Chicago, so I set out to look for something related to Chicago. I came across this fantastic group, the Chicago Veterans, and their missions align with many of the major themes in my story. They are an organization of volunteers who help to build a strong community for veterans and to help them integrate back into civilian life.  I contacted their team leader Kevin Barsczc, and I’m so pleased they have accepted my offer to donate all proceeds I receive from sale of Moonlight, and the next three books of the Rose of Anzio series during their first month of release.

You can find out more about them on their website,, Chicago Veterans Facebook Page, or here.




You can support this group by buying a copy of Moonlight here, or donate directly to them: