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Come on in and see what’s behind the scene of the Rose of Anzio series.

Watch the full Rose of Anzio Trailer on YouTube with music composed
by the phenomenonally talented Joshua Goodman of the world renown Berklee College of Music.

Free Reads

Download this free story about Jack, the boy from the 1940 Chicago's Irish neighborhood in Rose of Anzio~Moonlight. Will he find love after all?

Audio Reading

You can listen to a reading of the first chapter of Rose of Anzio Moonlight on the Book Speaks podcast.  

Podcasts & Author Interviews

Check out my interviews about Rose of Anzio and WWII fiction on various podcasts. Click on my avatar and I'll take you right there.

Rose of Anzio WWII Tour Photo Album

In September 2016, I took a special WWII tour of Sicily and Southern Italy to visit many of the places where scenes in Rose of Anzio took place. If you can't visit Monte Cassino and Anzio/Nettuno in person, why not take a photo tour?

Rose of Anzio Art and Fan Art

The Rose of Anzio series has inspired me as well as readers to create artwork related to this story. I'm grateful to all the talented artists who have brought this story to life by adding a visual dimension to the characters and scenes. Click on image of the painting above to see more!

Eternal Flame
A Rose of Anzio WWII Time Travel Love Story

What happens when a WWII soldier travels into the future to 1989?


The Rose of Anzio series
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