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"Last night, I loved you a lifetime and more." ___ A timeless tale of two young people whose love for each other knows no bounds, this is the love story of Edmond Ferris, a young WWII soldier from "Rose of Anzio Book 4 - Remembrance", as he travels in time into the future to 1989. "Eternal Flame" is now up for nomination on Kindle Scout.  Kindle Scout is Amazon's reader-powered publishing program where readers can sample and vote for books they want to read among the nominees. The books with the most readers votes will be selected for publication by Kindle Press. (Simply speaking, it's the book version of American Idol.) (more…)

e-scribes Editorial Review of Rose of Anzio Book 3-Desire recently reviewed Rose of Anzio Book 3. I am thrilled that they liked it. Here is an excerpt: "Kang depicts both the horrors and fears of war alongside the softness and subtleties of romance as if they were born to marry—despite the obviously immense challenges of polarising imagery. We see the many facets of war, not just the battles but also the personal struggles and decisions faced by troops and commanders, and those they encounter along the way. Kang has the unusual skill to place the reader inside the characters’ minds as if we are reading their thoughts and seeing through their eyes. Thus, it becomes, soon, not a tale, but our reality. Kang is unafraid, too, of weighty narrative; she does not shy from the depth required in order to depict the severity of the situation, nor does she once falter in recounting fine details. There is no hiding behind superficial froth; this is as incisive in its historical accuracy as it is heart-rending in its romantic themes." To read the full review, visit: