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Anzio Beach 1944

When writing Rose of Anzio, I had read many first-hand accounts of the experience of American nurses and soldiers who were part of Operation Shingle during WWII. Their descriptions of what had happened on Anzio Beach were so vivid, I wished we can visualize what they had witnessed. I suggested the idea to graphic artist Jeff Brown. He eagerly took up the challenge and created this (more…)

1940 USA Isolationists vs. Interventionists Part 2 – America First

Leon pulled a pamphlet from his briefcase by the side of his seat and put it on the table in front of Anthony. “Defend America First!” was printed in bold letters across the top. At the bottom in smaller print, the phrase “America First Committee.” -- Moonlight, Chapter 8   As written in Moonlight, the America First Committee (AFC) was in fact founded by R. Douglas Junior, heir to Chicago’s Quaker Oats fortune, at the Yale Law School on September 4,1940. Prior to Pearl Harbor, the American public generally supported non-intervention in the war in Europe. At its (more…)

1940 USA Isolationists vs. Interventionists: Part 1 – Chicago

“You know this isn’t simply a matter of your friends being taken out of school to join the Army.” Leon leaned forward in his chair. “You know what this war’s really about? Profiteering. And I’ll be the first to tell anyone all about the importance of profits. But this isn’t worth it. It’s not worth our boys dying so the East Coast bankers and industrialists can profit off their blood. We need to protect your friends from the profiteers. “ - Moonlight, Chapter 6   Before Pearl Harbor, support for American isolationism dominated the American political landscape. The United States had a strong tradition against involvement in European war conflicts since the days of its founding. In 1940, America was still recovering from the Great Depression. With the focus on (more…)

Buicks! 1940s style…

"A light blue Buick convertible pulled up to the entrance of the driveway leading to a limestone mansion. The mansion itself was barely visible from the street, but from there, the passersby could catch glimpses of the magnificent rose garden in front of the house.”   – Moonlight, Chapter One I don't like gender stereotypes, but the fact is, I don't know much about cars. So I had to research what kind of car Brandon was driving when he drove Anthony home when their school term was over. The car would have to be American, of course. The European countries were embroiled in war by 1940 and (more…)

postcard Michigan Avenue Chicago 1933

Michigan Avenue Bridge 1940

Last week, someone said this about the cover of Book One-Moonlight: "Your Your book blurbs says the story is in Chicago 1940. Why isn't your cover a picture of Chicago? Looks like a picture of some exotic city." Ahhh...but the book cover of Moonlight does show Chicago. It is a view of Michigan Avenue Bridge circa (more…)

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Chicago Weather, May 13, 1940

Anthony Ardley got out of the car, said goodbye to his friend who had driven him, and walked toward his home. It was only the end of May, still early in the summer, but the Chicago heat had already started to swell. He didn’t mind though. With the heat, his summer vacation had begun. -- Rose of Anzio ~ Moonlight, Chapter 1 Since I was writing a fiction novel, many situations and details in Rose of Anzio were purely created from my imagination. Yet, I did try to be as authentic as I could to recreate the world during the time when the story occurred. Chicago is known for its smoldering summers. In my (more…)

Michigan Avenue Bridge Chicago 1940s

Chicago 1940

Rose of Anzio ~ Moonlight begins in the summer of 1940 in Chicago. Back then, the Chicago Board of Education produced a short film about this city, which gives a visual glimpse of the world at that time. When I wrote the story, I imagined Anthony and Tessa's presence everywhere in these footage. [kad_youtube url="" ] Featured photo courtesy of  Subscribe in a reader