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More Podcast & Interview

Today is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Last month, I joined a group of WWII fiction authors and published the short stories anthology Pearl Harbor and More: Stories of December 1941. We were delighted that the Self-Publishing Roundtable Podcast elected to feature us in their episode this week and interviewed several of our authors including myself. You can tune in to hear what we have to say about our stories. My part of the interview starts at the 54 minute mark. This time, I shared a lot of tidbits and details about "Christmas Eve in the City of Dreams" and Rose of Anzio, plus the next novel I'm writing. Hope you all enjoy it.     Today, I'm also the featured author interviewed on the website This is Writing. Click on my avatar below if you want to find out more "behind the scenes" of my stories. My Online Interview    

On Anthony and Jesse

WARNING: This blog post contains spoiler of Book 4 - Remembrance. Jesse Garland is no doubt the most memorable character in the Rose of Anzio. I know because many readers have written to me about him. I didn't plan for him to enter this story. When I write, I don't plot or outline. I let the muse take me where it wants me to go. Jesse materialized when I was writing Book 2-Jalousie, when I had in mind to create an 18-year old solider who would be akin to a (more…)

Rose of Anzio…Concluding Thoughts

The final book of Rose of Anzio will be released this week. I cannot believe it is all coming to an end. I've never been one to make new year's resolutions, but this year, I think I have completed a personal goal for 2016. The Rose of Anzio will be finished and published. As we come to the end, I want to share with you some of my experience behind the scene. (more…)

Rose of Anzio WW2 Tour!

Last month (Sept 2016), I took a WW2 tour of Italy to visit the sites I had written about in Rose of Anzio. I'm happy to now share with you the photos I had taken, which I had posted on my facebook page. It was truly a remarkable trip, and I hope you enjoy these. To see the albums, just click on the album title.   Album 1: From Licata to Naples Album 2: Cassino City Album 3: Monte Cassino Album 4: Anzio Album 5: Cisterna

Rose of Anzio: A Graphic Novel?

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with the Altabe Studio on an anime and illustration project. When I began releasing the Rose of Anzio, I asked Altabe's lead designer, Christine Chong, if she might like to create a graphic novel depiction of a scene from Moonlight. She asked me to provide her a script of the scene. At first, I had wanted to choose a romance scene between Anthony and Tessa. However, one of the early readers of Rose of Anzio suggested that the scene of Tessa and her parents would be interesting. The more I thought more about it, the more I liked the idea. The result is this wonderful two-page illustrated version of the scene of Tessa's departure from England in Chapter 7 of Moonlight. I was absolutely thrilled to see the result.     In creating this scene, Christine and I looked through many old photos of early 1940s fashion, as well as search for a real Bulova watch that was manufactured in that era. Afterwards, I shared this with the subscribers to this site. One of the subscribers, Nuria Marquez, the artist who did the lovely pencil sketched fan art  of Tessa and Anthony, colored it. What she did was lovely! I'm delighted to be able to share these with you. Hope you enjoy it. You can follow the Altabe Studio on their Facebook page.    

Rose of Anzio FanArts – Artists’ views of Anthony and Tessa

It's been so long since I updated this blog. My long hiatus was partly because I've been very busy working on Rose of Anzio Book 2, then Book 3 for release. Another reason was I kept trying to find time to write Part 3 of the Interventionists vs. Isolationists Blog series. I still haven't had time to write Part 3 because I needed time to pull all my research information together, and it's stopping me from sharing more blog posts. So today, I decided to not let Part 3 be my barrier anymore. I'll get to it when I get to it. Meanwhile, I want to share with you some wonderful fan arts created by several very talented artists who are reading Rose of Anzio. I am so fortunate that these artists love the characters and were inspired to create illustrations of them. I am touched by what they have done. It is also very interesting for me to see what Anthony and Tessa look like in their imaginations.   This first picture was made by manga artist Loreley. Loreley has an amazing eye for colors and I absolutely love the colors she used to create this picture. Here, we have a very cute Tessa as she appeared in Moonlight at age 15, in her favorite red dress. You can see more of Loreley's artwork here:   The second illustration was made by Nuria Marquez. This Anthony is so handsome, I can't stop looking at him. Tessa's eyes are full of her…

Chicago veterans community

The Chicago Veterans

It's done! Rose of Anzio Book One ~Moonlight is now available on Amazon in both Kindle version and Paperback! I released this book on January 22. In time, you will all know the significance of that date. Some of you may have guessed it already. One thing I want to do is to use this story to support charitable causes related this book. Book One (more…)

epic love story book cover Rose of Anzio Book One Moonlight

Welcome to the Rose of Anzio Blog

If you are feeling nostalgic. If you would like to immerse yourself in a story that takes you back in time. Back to a time when love transcended a world that was crumbling down. And love was the only thing left when all hope was gone. You've come to the right place. Welcome to the Rose of Anzio blog. This blog is dedicated to the Rose of Anzio series, a WWII epic love story about Tessa Graham, a strong-willed young woman who refuses to let the events of war dictate the course of her fate, and Anthony Ardley, an upright young man who must fight to hold on to faith as war slashes away at his moral core and takes away all hope. I started writing Rose of Anzio a little over a year ago. The series comprises of four books, all of which are already written and completed. Book One  ~ Moonlight official release date January 22, 2016 [otw_shortcode_button href="" size="small" icon_position="left" shape="round" target="_blank"]Order[/otw_shortcode_button] Book Two ~ Jalousie Available now on Amazon [otw_shortcode_button href="" size="small" icon_position="left" shape="round" target="_blank"]Order[/otw_shortcode_button] Book Three ~ Desire Available now on Amazon [otw_shortcode_button href="" size="small" icon_position="left" shape="round" target="_blank"]Order[/otw_shortcode_button] Book Four ~ Remembrance target release date October 2016   To give you further insights into what life was like for our characters, I will be sharing in this blog many fascinating historical facts and anecdotes about 1940s Chicago, where Book One - Moonlight takes place, and the American Army's experience during the Battle of Anzio as…