Buicks! 1940s style…

“A light blue Buick convertible pulled up to the entrance of the driveway leading to a limestone mansion. The mansion itself was barely visible from the street, but from there, the passersby could catch glimpses of the magnificent rose garden in front of the house.”   – Moonlight, Chapter One

I don’t like gender stereotypes, but the fact is, I don’t know much about cars. So I had to research what kind of car Brandon was driving when he drove Anthony home when their school term was over. The car would have to be American, of course. The European countries were embroiled in war by 1940 and exporting cars wasn’t exactly on the top of their national agenda.

Turns out, American cars looked pretty awesome. Check this baby  out! It’s a 1939 Buick Century Convertible Coupe Serie 66C.  I want one!!!!!!!


When the scene I wrote took place, it was May, 1940, so I thought a car in 1930 would be just right. Brandon and Anthony both were from pretty well-to-do families, so they would be driving pretty trendy cars. I decided a convertible would befit their college boys image. Take a look at this 1939 Buick Convertible Coupe.


What I did get wrong, I think, was the car’s color. Most likely, cars would not be light blue in the late 30s and 40s. It should have been a dark color. Red. Or green, like this 1938 Buick 80C Roadmaster 4-Dorrars Convertible Sedan.


I can go back and change that in my book, but, nah. If you are reading this post, we’ll let this be a little inside joke between us. You know now, I’m not perfect.

By the way, the car in the feature image of this blog is not a Buick. It’s a 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe convertible. Still, very fancy. Maybe if Rose of Anzio becomes a hit, I can afford to buy one.